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The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.

Full Network Analysis

Network Traffic Analysis

During traffic analysis, we realize what is happening on your network. ADL Datacomm has the ability to find out why all those lights are flashing and why it takes so long to print to a network printer. By taking a simple snapshot of the traffic on the wire and doing a quick analysis, we can make an educated decision as to what is needed and what isn't. Making some minor adjustment can greatly increase your network performance.

Protocol Analysis

The same holds true for protocols. An unused or unwanted protocol can generate tremendous overhead on a LAN. Overhead which causes intermittent connections, slow downs, loss of data, or worse. Let ADL Datacomm determine what protocols are on the wire and which ones aren't needed at all. Reducing overhead means increased bandwidth for useful applications.

Utilization Statistics

Is your network infrastructure keeping up with your business? Are you running your business on hubs rather than switches, 10Mbs rather than 100Mbs or 1000Mbs equipment. How does this affect network performance? Let ADL Datacomm determine weather your network infrastructure is over utilized.

Believe it or not, the utilization threshold for an Ethernet network is 30%. Healthy utilization levels are

15% most of the time.
Random peaks to 30% - 35%
Very few peaks up to 60% or greater

If your network utilization is out of balance with the above numbers you should take the time to find out why. Is it a jabbering NIC, a faulty port on a hub or switch? Are you really using that much bandwidth? Let ADL Datacomm find those answers and make educated recommendations based on our findings.

Network Tune-ups

The bottom line is, most network equipment is installed 'out of the box' without any configuration. This may be the root of several network problems including those mentioned above. Experienced installers will require a baseline of network performance to properly configure and install network equipment. These types of procedures insure that you get the most from the equipment you purchased.

Allow ADL Datacomm to do the work for you.

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