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Current Infocon Status
Current Infocon Status - Incidents.org - Internet Storm Center

Security is not a tool or a program or something one person takes care of. It’s an attitude and a group effort. Your front line of defense is to ensure all users are using strong passwords. A strong password is one which consists of at least seven unique characters and contains a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters i.e. !@#$%^&*. A Strong password should never be based on a word or name.

It has also been mentioned that there has never been an attacked vulnerability prior to the release of the fix or patch. This is to say that your chances of being affected by the latest worm or hack are very slim if your systems are patched in a timely manor. This methodology was explained to me as such: If there's a patch released, stop what your doing and apply it right now no matter what.

Network Service Assessment

Part of securing your network is understanding your network. Network services play a big role in intrusion and the ability to compromise network devices and / or servers.

Many networking products, both hardware and software, run several services by default in efforts to ease the installation of the product. As a result many unneeded or vulnerable services are left running creating a potential access point for intruders.

ADL Datacomm can help resolve this issue by analyzing what services are running and which ones are unneeded. By disabling unneeded services you dramatically decreased the chance for intrusion by decreasing the numbers of connection methods available.

Remote Access Assessment

Remote access is almost required on every network, weather it be for administration, connecting a remote / home office or field staff. The challenge is permitting valid connections and blocking unwanted connections. Are you actively blocking those unwanted connections and do you have an IDS (Intrusion Detections System) in place to prove it?

ADL Datacomm can analyze this situation. Remote accessibility along with the available network services builds a picture or a road map of your network. This is a very useful tool for intruders to work from. The goal is to minimize your exposure while maintaining functionality.

ADL Datacomm can draw this picture for you and make adjustments to harden your network to it's maximum level of security. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is through the use of a VPN.


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