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I have to start by saying that anyone who thinks that a firewall is the end all security solution is mistaken. Configuring a firewall correctly takes experience and a solid understanding of what you're trying to achieve. A firewall, by no means, is ever a total security solution. In addition to a firewall an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) should also be used. An ISD will give you a heads up on potential break- ins by alerting you to any unauthorized connection attempts.


The process must start with a thorough security assessment. Those steps include

    • Where is the sensitive data
    • What are we trying to protect and from whom
    • Is the data backed up and how often
    • In the event of disaster could we recover
    • If data got stolen who would it affect
    • If all your data was gone tomorrow, what would you do

A poorly configured firewall is worse than none at all. There are several types of firewalls available today in both software to hardware forms. Choosing the right one for your application matters.

Buying a firewall and placing it in your network is not the end of all your security worries. However a properly configured firewall can dramatically decrease the likelihood of a compromised network.

ADL Datacomm has been securing networks for schools, hospitals, tax firms, law firms and other 'sensitive data' industries for years. We stay current on the latest Internet threats and understand how to prevent them from affecting you and your business.


Already have a firewall? Don't think it's quite right? Give us a call. Again, configuring a firewall properly, takes experience. Many installers or technicians block up a bunch of commonly hacked ports and walk away. That's not enough. In a complex scenario this could either prevent someone from accessing data they need or allow a hacker to compromise you network.

Penetration Testing

Feeling safe? Got your new firewall installed, feeling invulnerable. Are you sure? Have you tested this to see what it looks like to a hacker? How can anyone tell you that you're safe if it hasn't been tested.

A hackers first step to an attack is often a port scan. This will tell the hacker what service are available, what operating system is running, and what IP space to work with.

ADL Datacomm can quickly give you a picture of your network from the outside. The only way to protect your self is to know what your trying to protect.

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