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LAN / WAN Solutions

Design and Implementation

Design design design. Relative to real estate where location is everything, in the world of networking, design plays a huge roll in the performance characteristics of your LAN or WAN. A true network engineer is familiar with several equipment, protocol and connectivity solutions, rather than selling you the brand or technology he or she is most familiar with.

If you prefer to have your voice / data network designed and installed by experienced professionals ADL Datacomm is the right choice.

Installation and configuration

The physical media on which the data travels is often taken for granted. History shows that 50% of network slowdowns or poor performance is due to inadequately installed cable.

Most people don’t have time to learn all the specifications and techniques involved in cabling. This is one area where quality of craftsmanship does make a difference.

A poorly terminated connector or a cable run that’s to long due to poor planning can dramatically decrease you network performance.

ADL Datacomm can design and install your LAN / WAN within specifications to maximize the performance of your network hardware. We can then fine-tune you switches, routers and other network equipment to insure you get the most for your money. After all you did expect 100Mbs out of that 100Mbs switch you bought, right?

Cable Certification

In recent years the LAN has become somewhat assumed as is the telephone. This is to say that when we sit down at a desk we immediately expect two things, dial tone when picking up the phone, and network connectivity when clicking on the mouse.

What if the network part of this picture doesn't’t work? Is it the cabling? Who installed the cable? Is it installed correctly and is it certified? Do you have the documentation to give you that piece of mind? Most people don’t! So the question is still, “Is it the cabling?” How do you know?

ADL Datacomm can help. With the correct equipment and trained technicians we can tell you if your data / voice cabling was installed correctly and if it meats the ANSII / EIA / TIA standards for your type of cabling. If you choose we can then provide you with printed test specifications proving the performance of the physical media.

T-1 troubleshooting

T-1’s are still very common in today’s telecommunication systems and Wide Area Networks as a means of connectivity. The problem is most of us rely on the local telecom provider to diagnose problems when they occur.

What if you feel your T-1 is failing and the telecom provider claims it’s ok? You have to take their word for it, right? Wrong!

ADL Datacomm can help. We have the tools and the personnel to diagnose impending problems with most dedicated circuits types, including 56k to full T-1.

We can quickly locate the type and source of the errors and then work with the local Telco to insure the cause of the problem is resolved quickly.