According to professional on MSNBC, outsourcing your IT needs sometimes not only makes sense, but it’s a way of doing business.

In my professional opinion, I would say that 75% - 90% of small to medium businesses, unknowingly, leave major IT decisions to untrained staff, and don’t really know what security risks are present or what upcoming disaster may be lurking.


Depending on your needs outsourcing may be right for you. Here are a few topics to think about.

    • Can your company afford to keep IT staff trained and up to date on technology?
    • Do you own or have the means to own the equipment and tools to keep your network running smoothly?
    • Do you have the means to proactively monitor your network performance?
    • Are you sure your network is secure? Has it been tested?
    • Do you know what your network looks like to an outsider?
    • Is your VPN traffic really encrypted?
    • What unused protocols are eating up bandwidth on your LAN?

At ADL Datacomm we can answer these questions for you. Trained technicians have the knowledge and the tools to give you a solid inside picture of what’s really happening on your network, right now.

Based on the information gathered, we can then give you a detailed assessment of your networks performance and make logical recommendations. If there is a need we can then make adjustments as you see fit.

ADL Datacomm can help your current IT staff by educating them with factual information. This will help them to know what their real needs are and to achieve your IT goals as a company.

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